Our Industrial business focuses on three key performance-driven market segments: Automotive,  Energy (including wind, solar, oil, gas and nuclear power generation, and energy storage), and Recreation with an emphasis on Sports & Leisure and Marine. As designers of automobiles and sailing vessels are challenged with driving down CO2 emissions, lightweighting has become a priority. Hexcel products are driving weight reduction and promoting greater manufacturing efficiencies in support of these trends.  

Our Industrial market segments are supported by Hexcel Official Distributors to reach all end users more effectively within geographical regions.

Our Industrial business at Hexcel complements our aerospace and defense businesses, and in many instances our products and technologies now used in aerospace began in industrial. We focus our R&T activities on applications where advanced composites offer significant technological advantages over other materials, while providing cost-competitive solutions. 

Hexcel is the most integrated composite solutions provider in the industry, experienced at all stages in the composites chain, from carbon fiber and woven and non-crimp fabrics (glass and carbon) to resin formulation for thermosetting prepregs, laminates and pultruded elements, molding materials, composite tooling, honeycomb and adhesives.

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